IT translation

IT translation and Japanese Website design

Help you with my skills and experiences such as

Japanese Translation, Website design and software development

1. English to Japanese and Japanese to English Translation

私は SDL Trados Studio 2015 で作業しています
*Basic translation

  • Japanese to English :0.035 USD/character-
  • English to Japanese:0.035 USD/word-

*Technical translation

  • Japanese to English :0.05 USD/character-
  • English to Japanese :0.05 USD/word-

Japanese Proofreading :0.01/Character-

2. Japanese-English builingual website building

Create English and Japanese  Website by the following ways

  • Web design with WordPress(Plugin install,SEO etc.)
  • Web design with HTML + CSS, PHP or Java

3. Software development

  • Develop windows software or web application(.net(VB,C#),JAVA)


  • Contact with Japanese Company instead of you(Phone call, Email)

Job history
Please refer to Job history

I have worked as a software programmer and SE in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo after I worked for the semiconductor industry for 15 years.

As for English skill, I went to English school in New Zealand.

After that, I worked as IT consultant(almost a sales person) in Singapore local company in 2010.

I experienced cold calls, complaint handlings and creating English and Japanese materials for presentation as a sales person in the company.

And then I took correspondence course in practical translation to improve the accuracy of translation.

Now I am mainly working on IT-related translation because of having worked in IT industry for many years.

I can also translate document related to quality control, manufacturing equipment, external facility and building technology because I experienced that kind of work when I worked in semiconductor factory.

In addition, I can offer web and software development too.

Please feel free to contact me from ”contact form” or
Please write “Job order” in your email title if you send the email.

ITcats From Kumamoto, Japan.

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