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Japanese Translation and Localization 2018

Help your business in Japan by..

  • Japanese Translation,
  • Website and software localization
  • Communication with Japanese Organization (Email, Phone)

1. English to Japanese and Japanese to English Translation

私は SDL Trados Studio 2015 で作業しています
*Basic translation

  • Japanese to English: 0.04 USD/character-
  • English to Japanese:0.04 USD/word-

*Technical translation

  • Japanese to English: 0.06 USD/character-
  • English to Japanese: 0.06 USD/word-

Japanese Proofreading: 0.01/Character-

2. Japanese Website  Localization and App Localization 

Create English and Japanese  Website by the following ways

  • Web design with WordPress(Plugin install,SEO etc.)
  • App localization
  • Web design with HTML + CSS, PHP or Java
  • Help your Software development

3. Software development

  • Develop software or web application(.net(VB,C#),JAVA) and support


  • Contact with Japanese Company on behalf of you or your company(Phone call, Email)

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