Japanese ENglish

Hello, Since I felt strange when watching at youtube videos, I write down about that. Japanese Engineer was talking about Python library as follows in some lectures. Scrapy =スクラピー( “Sukulapie?”), Tensorflow =テンソル( “TensoL” )? I wonder if they seriously using these words as Japanese standard? I can understand “Sukulapie” a little, but when I heard […]

Python Scraping

WEB Scraping and Cleansing by Python Part2

This time, I added the cleansing program that removes the useless section(TAG: “script,” “a,” “class”…..), and created images that show the frequent rate of words by WordCloud“.(March 22th, 2019) (Environment: Windows10 +Python 3.6.5+ visual studio code)   #Wordcloud Image creating the section def WordCheck(texts, num):     #In the case of windows,  you should transform “Utf-8”, Otherwise […]


Get Text from the website by Python3(Remove HTML)

Last time I created a program that displays only title, keyword, the description in Meta. This time I created Extracting text for Top page, and Linked page。 Modification: 1.Add HTML Perse、CSV file library Add import below. ================== from urllib.parse import urljoin from bs4 import  Comment import csv =================== 2.Open files for saving the texts 3.Remove […]


Remotecontrol UBUNTU on GCE

Created Ubuntu18.04 Instance on GCE (google cloud compute engine), I installed mate-desktop as GUI. (because “gnome-desktop” was too slow to use when first installing on GCE. ) After that, connected with two types of the viewer from my laptop. 1. Desktop with Windows remote control (xrog+XRDP). 2 Desktop with VNC viewer(Vncserver+ VNC ) even though […]


Dictation software

I have been looking for dictation software for Video subtitling. Youtube is the most reasonable and accurate, But Just in case, I am looking for another software with below. https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ Web dictation tools such as Google Docs somehow stopped along the way on my laptop.no ================================================================ Added on October 4, 2018 When using the website […]