IT consulttion & Japanese Translation

I am Japanese freelancer.

Mission in 2018

Help your business in Japan by the following.

  • Japanese Translation,
  • Website and software localization
  • Contact with Japanese company, Organization

I’m working on English Japanese Translation and Software-related work with cats at home

1. English to Japanese and Vice versa, Translation & Localization

私は SDL Trados Studio 2015 で作業しています

  • General translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Post-editing
  • Proofreading

2. Localize English Website, App into Japanese 

Create English and Japanese  Website by the following ways

  • Creating Japanese Websites based on English Websites(Include Plugin install, SEO etc.)
  • App localization
  • Help your Software development

3. Software development Support

    • Help software, web application(.net(VB, C#), Java, Python) development
    • Documentation support by Creating instructions and manuals


  • Contact & negotiate with Japanese Company on behalf of you(Phone call, Email)

My History

Please feel free to contact me

1: Email:
Please write “Job order” in your email title when you send the email.

2: Skype: kazunori32

3: fill out the comment below.

Brother and sisters of cats


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