Japanese translation

I work with SDL Trados Studio 2019

  • Translation

Translate documents between English and Japanese.

Email translation

Negotiate with Japanese companies

Localize software and other documents
Japanese Proofreading

I translate the documents with CAT, such as Trados 2017, 2019, MemoQ and Web CAT such as  (XTM, Smartcat, MateCat, WebtransalteIt, Memsource ).

  • File format
    Word Excel,PDF,HTML ,XML..etc.
  •  Translation rate

English to Japanese:0.05 USD/word –
Japanese to English: 0.03 USD/character –

    • * Price for handwriting documents is $0.01-0.02 higher than editable documents.

*Please feel free to contact us for the price

  • Post-Editing

0.03 USD/word –

  • Translation speed

Around 2000 English words or
Around 2500 Japanese characters per day

*Depending on the requested quality, complexity, or number of technical terms

  • Translation Process
    Translating => Proofreading & Editing(Using Xbench, Word, or Atok cloud for check)

If you need more information,
please feel free to contact me
1. Email::info@itcats.info

2. Please fill out Contact Form

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