Website Creating , Analyze & App Localization

To overseas individuals and companies

If you consider Japanese market-entry, I will offer you various ways.

  1.  Create web pages by WordPress, Magento and so on.
  2. Create web pages by manual from scratch, using ( HTML, CSS, Javascript and, PHP,  Java.)
  3. Add the Japanese web pages to your existing website.

Please contact me and tell me the detail.

Web design & Localization

  • Create Japanese and English pages
  • Install WordPress, Magento and so on.
  • plugin setup(SEO, Bilingual, etc.)

The App, Web Localization: 0.06 / word  

Please feel free to contact me
1: Email:

Please write “Job order” in your email title if you send the email.

2: fill out the comment below.

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