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Draw Graffiti casually…

Posting after long time

Drawing “Kyojuro Rengoku” (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No yaiba)  

Seven years passed as freelancer

December 23, 2019 This December, seven years passed since I got back to my hometown. Time flies away without delay! I have learned a lot of new technical words for software development during this time.   The world has changed a lot in the last seven years. After I became a freelancer, I have learned … Continue reading Posting

Safety countermeasures with smartphone of Used Car

Last few days, I have been thinking about a safe driving system for a used car that I bought last week because I’m not good at driving a car. I’m looking forward to selling semi-automated cars now. I considered and tested the following things. 1. Drive recorder installation (I mistakenly bought drive recorder with an … Continue reading Posting


I saw three fireflies for the first time this year near “Midori-kawa”.(means “Green River”) The summer is just around the corner.

MTPE Postediting

I Posteditited the article on the Postediting By Trados 2019 Refer to:    

Anuual Income by occupation(World vs. Japan )

Since I found an article on the growth rate of annual income by occupation in 2019 around the world(Research by Indeed), I also checked the annual income by occupation categories in Japan. The salary of IT-related Occupation is high in Foreign countries, especially AI & machine learning engineers. In terms of income only, computer vision … Continue reading Posting

Open the browser by “Selenium”

Do a simple scraping with Selenium. This time task is Only opening the browser. “Selenium” is a library that uses tests for the browser and automates the operation. If you use “Selenium,” The browser is opened. If you use “Headless,” You can scrape and operate the browser without opening.   Preparation 1. Install Selenium pip install … Continue reading Posting

Current Business Progress

Current work: March 30, 2019 Medical Translation ・・・compelted (Cloud) Travel Translation ・・・Continue 10 hour/hour(Cloud) IT ・・・ NEW 10 hour/ hour(Local check) Next week available = 20 hours / week.        

Japanese ENglish

Hello, Since I felt strange when watching at youtube videos, I write down about that. Japanese Engineer was talking about Python library as follows in some lectures. Scrapy =スクラピー( “Sukulapie?”), Tensorflow =テンソル( “TensoL” )? I wonder if they seriously using these words as Japanese standard? I can understand “Sukulapie” a little, but when I heard … Continue reading Posting