Anuual Income by occupation(World vs. Japan )

Since I found an article on the growth rate of annual income by occupation in 2019 around the world(Research by Indeed), I also checked the annual income by occupation categories in Japan.
The salary of IT-related Occupation is high in Foreign countries, especially AI & machine learning engineers.
In terms of income only, computer vision engineers exceed 15 million yen.
Compare to that, In Japan, the doctor’s salary is still highest, and occupations that earn more than 10 million yen are still lawyers and accountants as usual.
I think Japan has a society where new things are hated.
The society where “ stakes that stick get struck!”
I don’t think all new things are good, but astonishingly, new technology isn’t expanded in Japan.
However, when it comes to the party such as Valentine, Halloween, and so on, they are unmeaningly spread.
The Japanese have a lot of overtime work in the IT industry, but the salary is not so high. ..
For these reasons, there is no choice but to go abroad for engineers, isn’t it?..I think so.
A story that Japan has high technical skills in all areas was long ago.
Especially in the field of the latest technology, it may be already a backward country.
April 2019


Annual income by occupation in Japan


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