Japanese ENglish

Since I felt strange when watching at youtube videos, I write down about that.

Japanese Engineer was talking about Python library as follows in some lectures.

Scrapy =スクラピー( “Sukulapie?”), Tensorflow =テンソル( “TensoL” )?

I wonder if they seriously using these words as Japanese standard?

I can understand “Sukulapie” a little, but when I heard “Tensol”, Certain word came up in my mind, which was on the wall of some building…It was “ビルヂング(BiluZing?)”, Meaning ” Building.”
…”Why Japanese people!? “(old gag by foreigners comedian..hehe)

I get confused when talking with foreigners or When translating because there are lots of “Japanese English,”

I also hate some Japanese politician and celebrities misusing Katakana-word(Often used for Japanese English) although they should use Japanese words.

I want to go out of this chaos.
Moreover, I think we should correct this chaos ASAP.

Spring has come!


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