Remotecontrol UBUNTU on GCE

Created Ubuntu18.04 Instance on GCE (google cloud compute engine), I installed mate-desktop as GUI. (because “gnome-desktop” was too slow to use when first installing on GCE. )

After that, connected with two types of the viewer from my laptop. 1. Desktop with Windows remote control (xrog+XRDP).

2 Desktop with VNC viewer(Vncserver+ VNC ) even though it was on the same instance, but different desktop appeared. After that, some problems happened. I couldn’t input Japanese.

I spent a lot of time on that issue. But Strangely enough, it was solved by removing all language in “Language support” *However, you should remain “Japanese-Mozc” At last, I installed Anaconda, and both Python2 & python3 with ” pyenv ” Response Speed is good. It is faster than my laptop.

I think I can use without annoying and be able to start developing from all my devices.


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↓Remote Desktop on Windows

↓Ubuntu Mate

via XRDP

via VNC

GCE Instance