Seven years passed as freelancer

December 23, 2019

This December, seven years passed since I got back to my hometown.

Time flies away without delay! I have learned a lot of new technical words for software development during this time.


The world has changed a lot in the last seven years. After I became a freelancer, I have learned more than before.

I wonder how many Japanese software companies exist, which use the development methods and tools at the bottom?


When I search for books on Amazon,

there are very few Japanese books, and there are only English books.

At the time a Japanese book is published, the new technologies already emerged. Too late…


That’s why “I must evolve my English skills more.”

I think so recently.


How many words do you know?

Excerpt of words I learned for the last six and a half years since I started working at home.

DevOps, CI, CD, Scrum,

Docker, Kubernetes, CIrcleCI, Jenkins


Zoom, Slack, Evernote

Python, No (Low) coding …


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