IT Business Support

Help your Business with the Power of IT.

(For Individual entrepreneurs and small companies)


1. IT Business Support

Help your IT business(Design, Coding, Test, documentation)

  1. Web development with WordPress
  2. Software Development using Programming language: C#, VB, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, etc.  & DB: SQL server or Oracle server, MySQL MongoDB, Sharepoint Excel, etc.
  3. Low-code development(Sharepoint, Powerapps, Flow, Etc.).
  4. WEB(Asp, Java, Python, Sharepoint, etc.), Windows application, Mobile apps, etc.

2.Software Maintenance Support

*Customize your old software(e.g., VB6 to  or, etc.)
*Translate design specification and other documents(Such as Test specification, Manual)

3. Negotiation & Documentation,IT consulting

Contact with Japanese Company

Negotiate with Japanese company instead of you.

Create Japanese instruction & manuals

Cloud environment(GCP, AWS)


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